Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery invites you to the exhibition openeing on "On the Vulnerability of the Surface", a solo exhibition by the visual artist Christa Zeitlhofer, who lives and works in Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday, 1 September 2021, 19:00.

This is the first exhibition of Galateea Gallery in which hybrid ceramics in all its splendour can be admired. The exhibits are complex works, different and at the same time coherent, varying from object to series. Fascinated by nature, Christa Zeitlhofer successfully experiments with a mixture of clay and porcelain and other added materials such as basalt chippings, lava soil, expanded clay, glass fibre fabric, glass, metal wires or granite chippings but also fruit stones. We find an ancestral, colorful world and, why not, a different side of nature.

Curator: Cristina Russu

Besides "eggs of life/ellipsoids" further shapes like "elliptoid cubes", "yellow cuboids" or "reliefs" are exhibited. These singular groups of works are exclusively held in a geometric use of forms, whose strictness and angularity is softened and existing corners and edges gently rounded. At the same time this use of forms does not lose any of its clarity and still has exactness as an important component. The main focus of the artist Zeitlhofer lies on the texture of the surface, which is worked out in each peace of work, in each series of artworks. The artist, whose works also express her own and inner self, leaves the final "processing step" to the material and the heat of the kiln in order to reveal "the beauty in the imperfection". The smooth and technical appearing surface is to be seen as a counter pole to the oozing organic inner. A deep involvement with nature and its material also finds expression.

Art critic: Eva Daxl, PhD 

Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery  

Calea Victoriei 132    Bucharest

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